Mission: Woven Together exists to help families and churches in Logan County, IL respond to the needs of orphans locally and  around the world.

How We Reach

Woven Together ministers to the fatherless in a variety of ways.  We provide direct care to the fatherless, assist those who may want to foster or adopt, and support foreign missions that care for orphans.  You can get directly involved in many of these areas and make a difference in the lives of the fatherless.


Woven Together Fund: Initial costs keep many from following God’s call to adopt. The Woven Together Fund is helping with those cost. We have partnered with Lifesong For Orphans to administer our scholarship or no interest loan program.

A Mom’s Heart: “Tell if you know, ask if you don’t.” This is a great motto for mom’s on a journey with kids from hard places.  We’re here to learn from and support each other.  Meeting the second Tuesday of each month 6-8:30 at Lincoln’s Steak n’Shake.

Foster Care:

Journey Bags: Children often come into foster care with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Journey Bags are backpacks which will provide personal belongings and comforting items for children entering foster care or being transitioned into new foster homes. These bags are given to foster children through the Center for Youth and Family Solutions and DCFS here in Logan County.

Project Sunshine is a makeover project for the agency waiting room. This was birthed out of a desire to create friendly spaces for kids during this dark time in their lives.