Foster Care Initiatives


Youth Engaged in Philanthropy provided a grant that funded many of our foster care initiatives in 2014! Thank you!

Youth Engaged in Philanthropy


LIFE IN LIMBO: The Life in Limbo simulation  by Fostering Great Ideas helps the general public gain insight into the system of foster care. This 1–1.5 hour simulation is dynamic and moving. As a participant, you choose if you wish to be a child in care, a foster parent, or a birth parent. Emotions run high as the children feel anxiety, anger, and hope. Foster parents do all they can to provide a stable environment. Birth parents get real – how badly do they want their child back, and are they able to “get clean” and meet their treatment plan. This is an experience you won’t forget! Discussion is robust and follow up for those who want to do more for these children and their families is provided. This simulation is ideal for teachers, pastors, counselors or anyone who works with kids from hard places. Sessions are led by members of the Woven Together team and are free to any church, school or organization in Logan County.  fgi logo


JOURNEY BAGS: Children often come into foster care with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Journey Bags are backpacks which will provide personal belongings and comforting items for children entering foster care or being transitioned into new foster homes. To date Woven Together has mobilized the Body of Christ to provide nearly 100 Journey Bags to the Center for Youth and Family Solutions and DCFS here in Logan County.  If you would like to be a part of our next drive, contact Lisa.

Journey Bags                          O5052391


LIFEBOOKS can help foster care kids recognize their individual worth. A Lifebook is a scrapbook-like creation that records a child’s life, how he entered foster care, his experiences with different families, and his feelings along the way. Lifebooks are unique in that they document the journey, both good and bad. These books record the love shared by their birth families, their foster families, and other people that pass through their lives. During troubled times, foster care kids should be able to look at their lifebooks and see just how far they’ve come. Their Lifebooks should be a testament to their strength and their ability to overcome whatever challenges life may bring. 

Lifebook pages


PROJECT SUNSHINE is a makeover project for foster agency waiting rooms. This was birthed out of a desire to create friendly spaces for kids during this dark time in their lives. May 2012 saw our first Project Sunshine at DCFS. April 2013 saw a team of 20+ people from numerous churches and backgrounds come together for a complete makeover of two visitation rooms at the Lincoln, IL Center for Youth and Family Solutions. In May of 2014, a grant from YEP enabled our team to give the CYFS foyer of the a face lift.

Check out Project Sunshine  movie number one followed by our  2013 Project Sunshine at CFYFS.





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